Clinical Hypnotherapist & Relationship Expert

Janene Falsone


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Southern California’s Premier Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Relationship Expert, now with locations in Newport Beach and Las Vegas

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Janene Falsone has dedicated her career to helping others move through past trauma in order to live a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life. Her goal is to see each person make progress in an intentional way – creating sustainable change for the future they desire.




Clinical Hypnotherapy can help release past trauma easily and effectively.  Every significant memory that you have resides in your subconscious mind, and is always linked to a specific meaning and emotion.

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Relationship Sessions

As a Relationship Expert, Janene Falsone has become a trusted professional, helping men and women navigate relationships and heal from past or present trauma. 

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Hypnotherapy & Relationships

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Resolution is generally achieved 93% of the time in only 4-7 sessions vs. years in traditional therapy. I am empathetic, but I won’t let you reside on my couch crying as a permanent victim. It’s a nice couch, but you don’t belong there.

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