Relationship Expert


As a Relationship Expert, Janene Falsone has become a trusted professional, helping men and women navigate relationships and heal from past or present trauma.

She specializes in helping individuals who are in or have experienced Narcissistic Relationships, PTSD, Past Trauma, Divorce, and the Death of a loved one. She also helps men and women learn how to attract the right type of partner for those who are searching for their soulmate.

Clients often book sessions who are feeling:


Searching for an ideal mate, but not sure why they aren’t attracting it or what they can do to start attracting the right types of partners.


When it seems friends and family don’t understand, and the usual advice from those closest to them isn’t working and they are in need of a different type of support to create positive change.


In a relationship that appears to be lacking the right foundation for a future or in a toxic relationship that is in an endless cycle of unhealthy behavior. 

In Turmoil

In a relationship that is experiencing ups and downs, but one that had a great start – and can still have – a great future. 

Considering Divorce

Unsure of whether staying for the kids or to honor the marriage vows is the right thing to do, or trying to understand when they are truly ready to make the divorce decision.


Captive in emotionally or physically abusive relationships and aren’t empowered to access the help needed or make the changes required to break free from the abuse.

woman and coffee in hands looking through the glass window with a rain drops on city background

Wherever you find your relationship struggle, I am here to help. 

This is a safe, confidential haven where you won't be judged and you won’t be told whether to stay or leave. Rather, you will discover support and direction to get "unstuck" through getting to know yourself better. Therefore, you’ll be empowered to make the changes you are longing for. Our work together helps simplify the confusion within you, allowing you to realize your blocks that are holding you back, and equips you with the tools to navigate your journey towards long lasting, healthy and satisfying relationships.

Janene Falsone

woman and coffee in hands looking through the glass window with a rain drops on city background